7 Best Ways to Prevent Sweating on Your Bike

7 Best Ways to Prevent Sweating on Your Bike

Ah summer is here. A complicated time in the UK where it’ll be warm but without much sun, possibly some rain into the bargain. Regardless, it’s a sweaty time for cyclists. If you don’t want to be drenched when you reach your destination, follow these tips to prevent perspiration while you pedal!


1. No hurrying

The easiest way to sweat less is to pedal with less intensity, which is easier if you’re not in a hurry. I know it’s hard, but if you leave the house ten minutes earlier you’ll have enough time to lower the gear and have a more relaxed journey.

2. Backpack

If you bike has a basket, it’s a smart move to put your bag in there rather than on your back. By doing this you’ll get a heavy, bulky load off your back and let the air run over it. That should stop that big, sweaty back stain from forming!

3. Replacement T-shirt

Since you’ve already brought a bag, you might as well throw in a spare T-shirt. This won’t make you sweat any less, but will make you more comfortable. A cap can also help, countering the hot rays of the sun which make you hotter and can also be dangerous if it obstructs your vision.

4. Your bike

The better your bike is, the less effort exerted, and the less effort exerted, the less sweat. Choose a bike that suits your needs, and have it tuned up. The right seat height, correct air pressure in your tyres and a well-oiled chain will optimise your energy and have you sweating less.

5. Towel and deodorant

Neither will make you sweat less, but will help minimise the effects. Make sure you have one deodorant for your house and one for cycling, as it might run out unexpectedly, leaving you a sweaty mess on arrival.

6. Ride as much as you can

If you use your bike pretty much every day then you’ll get your body in better shape, reducing effort needed to reach your destination.

7. Avoid certain hours

Early in the morning and late in the afternoon are the best hours if you want to avoid the heat and the sun, so if you can, adapt your journeys to these hours. You should also adapt your route. Maybe there’s a slightly longer route but is less uphill, or one with more shade such as going through a park where the trees can cover you.

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