5 of The Most Sustainable and Bike Friendly Cities

5 of The Most Sustainable and Bike Friendly Cities

Have you ever travelled to another city somewhere in the world and ask yourself: Why is my city not doing the same thing? Why is the focus still on cars and not bikes where I’m from? Can these policies not just be copied as they clearly work? If you keep asking those questions you’ll simply enrage yourself and maybe start thinking about moving abroad. If you’ve made that decision, we’re here to lend a helping hand to help you choose which sustainable city to move to, with X AMOUNT OF CITIES which are really setting the tone for the future.


1. Oslo

In 2015, Oslo’s recently elected city council surprised many with the announcement that, starting in 2019, cars will be banned in the city centre. It will be made into an area exclusively for pedestrians and cyclists, with the exception of public transport and disabled drivers.

2. Hamburg

The city has launched the Green Network project, which by 2034 aims to dramatically increase the amount of green areas in the city until they cover 40% of the total land of the city. The plan also includes enhancing public transport, pedestrianizing streets, encouraging greater use of bikes and removing cars from the city centre. It’s hard to imagine that with such a great reputation for car manufacturing that Germany will have one of the most green, sustainable cities in Europe.

3. Chengdu

China is often associated with being badly polluted, and that is certainly the case in many cities. However, Chengdu is an exception. Locate in the southwest of the country, the city plans to make it always more comfortable and convenient to get around on foot or by bike. In fact, cars will only be allowed in half of the city’s roads by 2020.

4. Helsinki

Unsurprisingly, Scandinavia has more than one entry on this list, this time from the Finnish capital. While the city’s plan is not quite as radical as Oslo’s, travelling by foot, bike or public transport is being heavily encouraged and made more convenient, while the opposite is true for cars.

5. Vitoria-Gasteiz

Winner of the Green Capital of Europe in 2012, Vitoria-Gasteiz is a great city for biking and getting around without a car in general. The city won the award in 2012 thanks to its innovative car-sharing community and clean air. If you want to live in a small, sustainable city with plenty of countryside, Vitoria-Gasteiz is the place for you.

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